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Find Me (AU ErenxReaderxLevi) Part 12
Chapter 12 "Morning Events"
     The morning light filtered through my window, illuminating my room in a soft glow. The moment would have been absolutely beautiful if I didn’t wake to find Hanji spread out, taking up most of the bed, loud snores escaping her mouth, one leg thrown over me, pinning me to the bed. Groaning, I turned to look at her to see a line of saliva connecting her mouth to the pillow. I made a mental note to wash the pillowcase later. Slowly, as not to wake her, I lifted her leg up and slipped out from beneath it, letting in slide gently back onto the bed.
     Before I was even out of the bedroom, noises and the smell of coffee brought my attention to the kitchen. Tip-toeing to said area, I quickly looked to the living room to see everyone still sleeping, even Mikasa. Seeing her still asleep could only mean one thing, that it was incredibly early, leaving me to wonder why I was even awake. Finally arriving in the kitchen, I found
:iconknuckleheadedhero:knuckleheadedhero 10 4
Chat Noir, What Are Those? by knuckleheadedhero Chat Noir, What Are Those? :iconknuckleheadedhero:knuckleheadedhero 12 3
Find Me (AU ErenxReaderxLevi) Part 11
Chapter 11 “Braun”
      The drive back to Colossal Hunger wasn’t long but by then I was tired of constantly being on the go. Sure, it was for an important cause, finding Krista, but I could feel the exhaustion pulling my body down. Deciding to bug Levi for all he put me through emotionally wise today, I made a show of slumping down in my seat, sighing loudly, and successfully gaining his attention. His slate eyes watched my exaggeration with a mixture of amusement and question. I looked over at the man driving.
      “Levi, are you tired?”
      “If you’re making a comment about the bags under my eyes, I already hear enough from shitty glasses.” He said curtly.
      “No, that’s not what I was going to say, but they have been getting more noticeable.” I heard him scoff at me. “I’m tired though. We’ve been at this all day now; it’s almost
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AT Comic Page 9 by knuckleheadedhero AT Comic Page 9 :iconknuckleheadedhero:knuckleheadedhero 0 0 Pony Head Burp by knuckleheadedhero Pony Head Burp :iconknuckleheadedhero:knuckleheadedhero 61 5

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+Tangled-Painting My Dream+ by larienne +Tangled-Painting My Dream+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,496 128 +Mulan - A Girl Worth Fighting For+ by larienne +Mulan - A Girl Worth Fighting For+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,899 213
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 16
~Chapter 16~
“You want me to do what?
After Leon and Yong Soo had explained their intentions, you were beginning to wish that you had listened to Berwald and went on your way.
“It’s easy, yeah?” Leon said. “All you have to do is come with us back to the southern province before going to the east. Knowing your dragon friends, I’ll bet they have no idea where they’re headed since this is the far east. Look, it’s only going to take two more days to get there if we make that stop.”
“But that’s ridiculous!” you burst out. “Why would we bother wasting two extra days of our time just for your own purposes? I don’t think I need to remind you that I have a time limit in my heart and my eyes.”
“I haven’t forgotten,” Leon said, “but I take it you can, like, last a little longer, can’t you?”
“Better to know where you
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 117 32
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 15
~Chapter 15~
Eyes, eyes, eyes. I need eyes.
You were in complete darkness. Without your own sight at your disposal, you had no idea of where you were or what the people had planned on doing with you. The last thing you had remembered was someone saying they had recognized Mathias.
But who?
Aside from the stories you had heard as a child and from the Dragonheart, you had never known of Mathias’ familiars, though, from the sound of things, he had to have picked a few up along the way. Maybe this was one of the more hostile ones, one with a strained relationship with the Blade of the Ruby Seas and one who knew Mathias was a dragon.
Tino? you called out into your thoughts. Tino, can you hear me?
Still nothing. You cursed in silence. What had happened in that smoke? At least you had come around, but without knowing the dragons’ whereabouts, you were completely helpless. Without your sight or a purpose to guide you along, there was nothing you could do but wa
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 118 26
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 14
~Chapter 14~
Hot air hissed through your teeth as you clenched your jaw together hoping to cope with the pain searing through your flesh and bone. The sensation shifted from both ends of extreme temperatures: freezing hot to scorching cold, a painful mixture of fire and ice.
And then…! In a spark of manifested energy, something shot from your fingertips and tickled your skin with a frosty breath. You had created ice. You. Not the Eye of the Topaz Blizzard. ________________. You.
“I did it…” you breathed.
A long-lost feeling began to stir in your heart. This was just like the time you had first beaten your master in a swordfight, when you had seen the first sprouts spring from the soil since Dragonfall had ended, and now, this.
“I…I did it…”
You were smiling. Through Mathias’ eyes, it looked like one of the stupidest things you had ever seen: a practically blind human girl trying to use magic, and the most she can muster is a lit
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 116 31
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 13
~Chapter 13~
With Tino’s power combined with yours, it wasn’t hard to burst out of the Golden Sentinel’s grip and go flying into the snow.
“______________, you’ll have to trust me on this one,” Tino hastily spoke through your thoughts. “My powers require you to completely cope with my control so I can adjust to your body. Without your cooperation, we’re not much better off than if I was never a part of you at all.”
Let your powers adjust, trust your instincts, you summarized. Got it.
“Then let’s do this.”

The first wave of power gave off a fiery pulse that reminded you of what had happened when you had opened the oven back at home too soon. A warm gush of searing energy had shot into your eyes and sent your nostrils flaring with condensation. At the time, you had thought that was what it was like to be right in front of the open mouth of a dragon.
Nothing, could compare to this.
If this
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 136 40
The unforgettable battle 2015 by kawacy The unforgettable battle 2015 :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,937 319
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 12
~Chapter 12~
You couldn’t count the times you had nearly emptied the contents of your stomach into the river; the only thing stopping you at the time was through telling yourself how inconvenient it would have been to have to clean up after yourself. Mathias had noted something about that.
“You know, ~~~~~~~~~, has a pretty weak stomach,” he had pointed out when he had discovered you had drunk from the river filled with dragon’s blood. “Every time something bad would happen, she’d usually end up throwing up or trying to. Ha ha.”
“Mathias, you’re not helping…” you groaned.
“I’m not?” he asked, oblivious to the fact that your face was turning as white as the snow.
The wild-haired dragon rubbed his neck. “I thought knowing the Dragonheart was a little weaker than you in that…department…would make you feel a little better.”
“Care to enlighten me?” you unenthusia
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 124 54
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 11
~Chapter 11~
Rrrrgh! My instincts tell me that the left way is the right way to go so we should go left!”
“You just said the right way is the left way to go, so right it is.”
“That’s not what I said! That’s not what I said at all!”
You sighed. For dragons well over three hundred years old at the least, the Blade of the Ruby Seas and the Golden Sentinel could really act like children when butting heads.
Tino… you groaned, stamping your foot in impatience. Does this kind of thing happen back at the mountain?
“Well, Mathias wasn’t always around, but they could get into little fights here and there,” you dragon’s soul responded to your question.
The Wings of the Opal Skies and the Divine Keeper of the Sapphire Flames had taken their leave several hours ago. As expected, Lukas had made contact with the Dragonheart, and a little while after, the
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 136 58
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 10
~Chapter 10~
While the other four dragons gathered around in a circle and discussed matters among themselves, you took the liberty of stealing their sights and listening in on their conversation. In times like these, it helped to have something like the Dragonsight—though, the reason you had it in the first place wasn’t exactly grand in of itself.
“…It would only make sense that Tino chose ______________ as his vessel, but how in Eliatha am I supposed to use her now?” Mathias frowned as seen through Emil’s eyes. You preferred his eyes the most since he tended to focus on things that needed focusing on.
“You’ll just have to fly her on over to Eldur Mountain and have Tino get his body back first,” Emil said. “In any case, it’s not like we can go back there right now. We still have to find ~~~~~~~~~~.”
Lukas snorted. “And I thought you said you would be the best flier once you regained your true form, did you n
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 146 60
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 9
~Chapter 9~
Emil was telling the truth when he had said the Eye of the Topaz Blizzard would have a freezing-cold touch when you first came in contact with his scales. The literal moment you laid your hands on his dragon body, you pulled back in shock, surprised a dragon, a creature whose soul was born of fire, could feel colder than the coldest ice.
Now, however, you had grown accustomed to the dragon’s back as you looked through Mathias’ eyes to make note of your condition.
“You doing okay, _____________?!” Mathias shouted at you from atop the Golden Sentinel’s back.
“Y-Yeah…” you answered in response. Tino was notably easier to hang onto as compared to Emil. He was just a little smaller than Emil making his back more comfortable to ride on and his neck easier to grip—just a little.
During this time, since you were airborne, you decided to take the liberty of testing out your Dragonsight on each of the five dragons present.
The Wi
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 148 125
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 8
~Chapter 8~
The temperature of a dragon was notably hotter than that of a human. You had remembered coming in contact with Mathias and Emil in the past; both of them had been warm to the touch despite not bothering to wear gloves in the middle of winter. Dragons were truly remarkable beings.
Now, even as your eyes lay staring off into nothingness, your sight had increased by astronomical amounts; through the eyes of a dragon, you were able to see as far as the highest visible peak of Eldur Mountain. Beyond the vicious black clouds was said to be a large fiery pit, a haven for the dragons and the sacred place where their souls were reborn into new bodies.
As Mathias breathed through his nostrils, you could see the visible puffs of condensed water solidifying into water droplets all around. Unlike a human, it was as though there really was a fire in his lungs. The little puffs of humidity that came out of your and ~~~~~~~~~’s nostrils were nothing compared to the dragons’.
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 150 46
Mature content
AoT Hanji's Slumber Party Reader x Levi Part 4 :iconrambo-jewsters:Rambo-Jewsters 33 46
AoT Hanji's Slumber Party Reader x Levi Part 3
Chapter Three
The second film started as Erwin passed out glasses of wine.
You nervously took a glass from him and choked it all down in one go.
“Damn f/n slow down what’s the rush?” Laughed Hanji.
“No rush, just thirsty.” You replied, coughing nervously.
“Tch, idiot.” Muttered Levi behind you.
Eren smiled and leaned in to you.
“Are you okay f/n?” He asked as he put an arm round your shoulder.
“She’s nervous cos Levi’s here.” Laughed Jean, earning him a death glare from you.
“Hey I have an idea.” He continued and leaned over whispering something into Eren’s ear. Eren grinned and the pair of them looked at you.
“You want to start on that ice cream?” Asked Eren.
“Yeah sure.” You smiled.
You sat with the tub in your hand and pulled the lid off.
Jean and Eren started dipping their spoons into the tub and offering to feed you.
“I’m capable of feeding myself you
:iconrambo-jewsters:Rambo-Jewsters 36 13


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: Tucson,AZ (a.k.a. the desert) going to the University of Arizona
Favourite genre of music: Acoustic and Pop
Favourite style of art: anime/animation, manga, Expressionism, and Rococo
Favourite characters: If I had to pick one from each fandom I'm in it would go: Juvia Lockser, Armin Arlert, Kirishima Eijirou, Stitch, Saeyoung Choi, Yurio, Gaara, Prussia, Adrien Agreste, and finally because I can't choose just one, All of the Voltron gang.
Personal Quote: "Dishonor. Dishonor on your whole family. Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your cow..." (I use this way too much for my own good haha)

The sound of the rain is my personal favorite. I love Dr. Pepper and Cheeze-Its. Fairy Tail and Boku no Hero Academia are my favorite mangas currently. Right now I'm obsessed with the Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. My favorite colors are Crimson, Lavender, and Navy Blue. Manatees are the best animal, period. They're floating sea potatoes of adorableness. They literally have no enemies besides us. Plus they used to be mistaken by sailors as mermaids back in the day. Sea Otters are a close second.

My Tumblr is:
So this may make me sound rude to those who have requested things within the past two years, but I just don't have the free time to actually do these requests. When I was accepting requests I had the time but as more and more rolled in I started having less time to actually work on them. I have a job, am still attending college courses, and trying to just work out my life. So I'm sorry but I'm probably never going to finish the requests I have. And as you can see I'm hardly on this site anymore. I still come by to look at works by those I watch, but I hardly put up any of my own art. Tumblr is where I live these days. So once again sorry.
  • Listening to: Steven Universe songs
  • Reading: Satan and Me
  • Watching: Bones
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: Cheez-its (the norm)
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper as always


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